Environmental Services Establishment

The nature of the activities carried out by the companies, residential communities and factories during the daily production processes results in the accumulation of unuseful waste and residuals, which contaminate the environment.

The proper management of such waste is necessary for the protection and sustenance of pollution free communities.

Asajid Establishment is a leading innovator of comprehensive and integrated technology and high quality services to improve the environmental harmony according to international development standards and specifications.

Consultancy services, related to the active diagnosis of the customer’s needs, close control of the production movement and industrial development and enhancement of the environmental awareness standard. The services are customized for the systematic harmony related to the environmental protection and maintenance of the environmental balance.

Asajid Establishment is committed to the provision of proactive services to its customers and partakes in the creation of healthy and modern environment in high professionalism and cost effective manner, to ensure the customer satisfaction.

We employ highly qualified technicians to establish an innovated approach to the environmental solutions and satisfy our customer’s needs.Quality assurance and close monitoring form an integral part of our services, by high professional principles, experience and involvement with internationally renowned organizations as consultants and business partner, so as to introduce an advanced and state-of-the-art technology.

Asajid Establishment enjoys extensive experience in supporting its customers in the collection of transport and disposal of household, industrial and chemical waste according to the international and local regulations.

At present we fully supervise the transport of all types of waste in a number of locations within the Emirate, such as:
– Emirates Steel Industries
– Many labour camps and accommodations at Al Faya, Abu Dhabi.
– Shops and factories at Musaffah Industrial Zone
– Al Reem Island
– Al Saadiyat Island.